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Welcome to the Excel Power Masterclass page!
Here you will learn about the real strength and power of Excel!

Excel Power Query and Power Pivot have generated huge interest for most followers of Excel Know How. Almost every client I've done some Excel development for has used Power Query. If you or your colleagues do somethingworkExcel and itrepeated with any regularity, then you know that Power Query can save you a lot of time. Developing such Excel files that can save a huge amount of time is possible for everyone. Power Query is a "low code" system in Excel and absolute size can be done without programming.

21.03.2023 at 18:00-19:30

Working file for download [available for download on live day]

Learn Excel Power
online and/or independently at your convenience!

For maximum results

Excel Power Online Course

  • Practical lessons combined with theory

  • 4 lessons of 2 hours led by an expert 
    , 11.04.2023, 18.04.2023, 25.04.2023 18:00-20:00)

  • 12 months access to live class recordings

  • Bonus follow-up lesson after 1-2 months to fully consolidate knowledge

  • The value of the course is EUR 295

Excel Power Online Course

  • A structured step-by-step video course aimed at practical learning with independent work tasks

  • 12 months to complete the course

  • Excel Know How Team Support 

  • Bonus - A detailed video course on Excel PivotTables

  • The value of the course is EUR 295

Individual online consultation

  • Strategic and practical support for starting and continuing the implementation of your idea

  • Hands-on initiation and support of data analytics development

  • Value 250,- EUR

EUR 840

EUR 450*

* price for individuals; for companies + VAT

The number of places is limited!

Independently at your own convenience

Excel Power Online Course

  • A structured step-by-step video course aimed at practical learning with independent work tasks

  • Video materials for independent learning a little over 10 hours

  • 12 months to complete the course

  • Excel Know How team support

  • The value of the course is EUR 295

  • Bonus - A detailed video course on Excel PivotTables

EUR 295*

* price for individuals; for companies + VAT

Thanks for the master class! Repetition of the mother of knowledge and watched it despite the basic level. It all looks so cool! I have to work with a slightly different type of data, and I haven't been able to use it in the real life of the cool slicer. I haven't finished the PowerQuerry course in full, but the PQ part itself has been passed and it blows the roof off me in a positive way. I use, use, use. 🙂 I also managed to code one fairly combinable report (I think that PQ is really coding only at the simplest level) with conditional columns, replacing, appending querries blah blah blah to create such a level that only the date of the report and the exchange rate need to be entered and refresh has to be pressed. I learned drill down. 😃 I even learned to read exchange rates from the Internet in some report. I feel quite pro already. 😃 😃 😃
Ivar, thank you for that! You and Excel are sooo powerful!
And in general, when I talk about PQ, some might think I'm a bit crazy... 😃 I love it so much!
Well, I really do sound crazy... Enthusiastic, Dace

More than 1000 Excel students who have spoken positively about the courses and master classes!

We are trusted by teams from various industries

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Is working with Excel Power an art? Isn't it the case that anything that you know well and very well, in the eyes of others, becomes an art or a kind of mission impossible :) My passion for Excel and what I can do in it often seems like art or even magic in the eyes of many . But is it really a spell? Rather, it is a skill that anyone can learn. Would you like to know more about it?

The Excel Know How team would be very happy to meet you on Tuesday, 21.03.2023 at at 18:00

in a free online master class where you will learn what power Excel really hides!

Add a reminder to the calendar and see you soon!


Ivars Krampis - Vaags

Business data analysis expert

I am Ivars Krampis-Vanags - a business data analysis expert. I have been using MS Excel in my daily life for more than 20 years, while Power BI - for 7 years. 


The courses developed by me are intended for those who want to learn new knowledge, as well as increase their professional competences and achieve more faster in both Excel and Power BI environment.

My passion is learning, sharing and solving difficult Excel problems.


My experience and professional activities are related to financial management, analysis and planning. On a daily basis, I consult and develop data analysis solutions using Excel and Power BI. I deal with complicated situations in the Excel and Power BI environment with confidence, providing professional consultations and development of various solutions in the form of a service for companies and other interested parties, in data automation and visualization.


Power functionality in Excel consists of Power Query and Power Pivot. I use it for almost every Excel job. Absolutely, when there is a lot of data or calculations will be required when gathering data.

If you or colleagues do some work in Excel and repeat it with any regularity, then you know that Power Query can save you a lot of time. You get the result in seconds/minutes versus hours or even days spent sorting through files and data. Of course, it takes time to go from hours to seconds, but it's worth it!

If one of your colleagues "sits in Excel" to prepare a report, then it is very likely that you need to go to the next level and use Excel Power tools. With Power Pivot, you get the kind of analytics that small and medium-sized businesses have never (really never) been able to get before. It is indescribable!

Camps street 3-11,

Riga, LV-1048


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