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Step by step I will take you to interactive and modern data visualization!

May you succeed!

So that you have the opportunity to try your hand independently, download these working files:

1) Data source Excel file (Financial sample.xlsx)

2) Power BI result created in the master class (Financial report (demo).pbix)

3) A sample Power BI file that I create before the master class and show in the presentation. (Financial report (sample).pbix)

Power BI tutorials

Consultations and solutions

Thanks to Power BI, comprehensible data visualization and analysis becomes real and real. Exchange "stiff" Excel   graphs and "static" Power Point presentations for interactive, understandable, customizable and conveniently   accessible Power BI visualizations. Think fast and react immediately, because already on January 25 and 27, two working days  evenings online from From 18:00 to 21:00 I will conduct an introductory Power BI course for a very affordable and attractive membership fee! Lessons  records will be available on the learning platform, giving you the opportunity to repeat what you have learned at your convenience.

The live short course is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with Microsoft Power BI and learn how this data analytics tool can   help you, your team and the company as a whole. The live broadcasts are in the form of interactive lessons with presentations of theoretical information, demonstration of practical examples, and questions and answers.  Take a course where I will share my experience with you and work more powerfully in the future!

Let's talk about: 

1. How Power BI helps you gather and analyze various business data.

2. You will learn how to use Power BI to create unparalleled data visualization for better decision-making.

3. Practical examples of powerful data analytics - which end users (small, medium-sized companies,  departments) have never had access to.

How to apply

You can apply on the course page or by writing to the e-mail: Contact person: Inga Marašinska (; mob.  26155456)

Member benefits. Raising awareness of: 

  • Power BI capabilities and its usefulness in working with data.

  • About gathering data from various sources faster and easier and then cleaning and transforming this data into the shape, form and appearance you need with a few  clicks.

  • About what it takes to use Power BI for data acquisition and transformation, both for basic   and in-depth data analysis and for creating and  sharing interactive reports and dashboards.

  • In this course, you will learn the basic skills needed to use Power BI, acquire and   transform data, create simple data analysis (in various necessary angles) and   prepare interactive and professional-looking reports/ dashboards for publishing   within the organization or publicly.

  • You will gain practical basic skills in data acquisition, transformation, modeling, visualization and  sharing and publishing of obtained data with Power BI.

  • An opportunity to ask your questions and receive answers from a long-time Power BI practitioner and  consultant.


Will I be able to do it?

  • Peace only peace. You can spend 3 months studying the course or reviewing the materials again.

  • The course is designed so that you, as a beginner, have everything at hand and within your power.

  • To make sure of your abilities, complete the practical tasks of the course. Consolidate and test newly acquired knowledge.

  • You can also count on my and my team's support.

Excel Know How helps you achieve more in less time.

Let's grow into experts together!

Apply for a conversation session and find out how Power BI can help you!

POWER BI pamatkurss_edited.jpg

For beginners and future users


The course is perfect for beginners and future Power BI users. In this course, participants acquire basic skills for displaying data analysis in interactive and transparent visualizations.

Power BI basics are learned online with a data analysis expert.

Think fast and react immediately, because alreadyJanuary 25 and 27, two working days  evenings online from 18:00-21:00I will lead an introductory Power BI course.

Screenshot 2021-03-31 012300.jpg

An in-depth and comprehensive course


(40 ac.h.)

An in-depth and comprehensive Power BI course.
The course teaches you how to use Power BI to create intuitive, visual, and interactive reports that are easy to modify, send, and embed in your app or website. We invite current and future Power BI experts and all interested parties who are looking for an opportunity to learn about Power BI from A to Z to apply for the course.


Consulting and development of solutions


Do you need a consultation about Power BI or do you want to talk about the development of the most suitable solution for your company?

Looking for a cooperation partner in the field of Power BI?

Contact our team and we will be happy to help you!

Cooperation partners

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Got questions?
Contact a Power BI expert!


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