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The Path to Confident Excel Skills!

Mēs ticam, ka ar mūsu palīdzību Tavas Excel prasmes var kļūt par Tavas karjeras atspēriena punktu. Neļauj šai iespējai aizslīdēt garām!

Excel online kurss check-mark-computer-i
Excel online kurss check-mark-computer-i
Excel online kurss check-mark-computer-i
Excel online kurss check-mark-computer-i
Excel online kurss check-mark-computer-i

If you want to improve your skills in working with data


Achieve your goals and your team's goals faster


Become more knowledgeable and confident


Increase your value in the labor market and climb the career ladder


Learn how to complete various tasks easier and faster!

Level of knowledge:From a beginner to a confident Excel user

Certificate: Excel Know How certificate that will prove the newly acquired knowledge 

Language: Latvian language

Lectures: 200 video lectures; Excel work files for download

Suitable for training: Microsoft 365, 2013, 2016 and 2019 versions of Excel

Course length: >12h (total of 8 modules divided by topics)

KURSA PROGRAMMA: lejupielādei

Access to the course: 12 months

BONUS:12-month participation in Excel Know How master classes

Enjoying Outdoor

The most important thing in one place for productive work with data!

  • The most important thing for a safe startand the basis for further work - functions and solutions for numbers, dates, text

  • Searching, finding, combining data- the most requested Excel functionality (VLOOKUP)

  • Look at data expertlyusing conditional selection functions (SUMIFS, etc.)

  • Select, filter, organize skillfully - manage with confidence

  • Display data beautifully- create graphs and dashboards professionally

  • Discover andmanage Excel's automatic designsbased on data values - an amazing data visualization experience

  • Analyzes data and displays dynamic PivotTables and PivotCharts. Everyone can do it!

  • Valuable everyday application tips at every step
If you want to feelconfident and professionalor you need to sharpen your current Excel knowledge and reduce the feeling of insecurity, this course will help you!

It is not possible to miss lectures,
because you will be able to watch them at a time and place convenient for you


Excel Online course participants are offered monthly live Excel masterclasses for free!


Various additional Excel topics are discussed in the master classes, which expand both what was learned in the course and cover other topics that we choose inspired by students' questions, interests and current events.


So far, many topics highly rated by the course participants have been covered, such as:

  • How to issue invoices from Excel?

  • Excel shortcuts

  • Efficient work in Pivot Tables

  • Document automation with Word & Excel (MailMerge)

  • About Data Validation Lists
  • Master class on INDEX MATCH

  • Dates and time in Excel

  • and other

Everything you need to know to work better with data!


Module 1


In this module, you will learn the most important things so that your future work with Excel will be much better.
  • "Basic set of functions" for working with numbers, texts and dates

  • copying formulas - how to effectively prepare formulas so that they can be copied correctly and reused, or cell relative and absolute references

  • Start using the power of Excel - evaluate both simple and compound conditions with the IF function


Excel Know How logo RGB_White RGB logo.p

The offer includes:

  • Excel Online course (value 195,- EUR)

  • Free participation in the following live master classes, each worth EUR 25​

  • 12 months accessfor online training materials, work files​

  • Bonus: 20 Productivity Tips Download​

  • Bonus: Shortcuts pdf download

  • Support in the learning process - answers to questions, advice!

  • Excel Know How certificate, which will prove the newly acquired skills!

Comprehensive information on topics important to you!
Quick and easy to find answers in short videos in one place!

Labs Excel kurss.png

EUR 195*

*price for individuals; for companies + VAT

** The course starts immediately after payment by card or Paypal. If you have chosen to pay for the course by bank transfer, you will access the lessons on the day the payment is received.

We are trusted by teams from various industries

More than 1000 Excel students have spoken positively about the courses and master classes!

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Ivars Krampis - Vaags

Business data analysis expert

I am Ivars Krampis-Vanags - business data analysis expert. I have been using MS Excel in my daily life for more than 20 years, while PowerBId -  years. 


The courses developed by me  are intended for those who want to acquire new knowledge, as well as  increase their professional competences and achieve more faster in both Excel and Power BI environments.

My passion is learning, sharing and solving difficult Excel problems.


My experience and professional activities are related to financial management, analysis and planning. On a daily basis, I consult and develop data analysis solutions using Excel and Power BI. I deal with complicated situations in the Excel and Power BI environment with confidence, providing professional consultations and development of various solutions in the form of a service for companies and other interested parties, in data automation and visualization.

When does the course start and how long will I have access to this training?

The course starts immediately after payment by card or Paypal. If you have chosen to pay for the course by bank transfer, you will access the lessons on the day the payment is received. You will have access to training for 12 months. You can learn at your own pace or return to the materials at any time to brush up or review information on any course topic.

I am a complete beginner and with Excel I am on you. Will this training be right for me?
If you have to use Excel on a daily basis, or if you plan to do so in the future, then these trainings will definitely lay the foundations for using Excel. If you have not used excel at all, then it will probably take longer than other students, but if you need it, then the only way to learn is by doing.
What version of Excel do I need to take this course?
All examples are done using the Office 365 version of Excel. Using Office 2016 and 2019 you will not feel the difference, using the Office 2013 version you will notice some visual differences in the layout of the toolbar, but this does not change the essence of the function. On the other hand, using Excel 2010 and older versions, you will already notice functional differences.
How much time per week should I devote to the course?
As with any other skill, Excel can be learned if you take the time and it all depends on how quickly you want to learn it. The more time you invest, the faster you will learn. On average, our students spend about 1.5 to 2 hours a week on the course materials.  However, if it will not be possible to learn the course material for a longer period of time, access to the materials and video lectures is 12 months. It will be possible to learn at your own pace, at a time convenient for you.

What is the training format?
The training consists of video lectures, which you can watch at any time convenient for you. The lectures are on average 3-5 minutes long (depending on the topic) and they are all available online. You will access them with your username and password.
If you have any questions while watching, you can ask them immediately in the discussion window or by sending a private message to, and I or one of my teammates will be happy to help!

How can I receive an invoice on company details?

If payment is made with a company card, indicate the company name, registration number, address and account number in the notes. You will receive an invoice with the specified details by e-mail within one day.

If you want to pay for the course by transfer to our bank account, click on the "I want to pay by transfer" button, fill in the information we have asked you to provide about yourself and in the additional notes enter company name, registration no., address and Account No. and number of employees. You will receive e-mail within one day to pay the invoice with the specified details.


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