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Increase productivity

in data processing and analysis with professional Excel and Power BI training

Welcome to Excel Know How!

We are a team passionate about Excel and Power BI. Our task is not only to share knowledge, but also to help others understand and use these tools in the most simple and convenient way. We believe that by helping others achieve their dreams, we are creating something truly great.

Every day is an opportunity for us to do what we love - make the complex simple by providing the understanding and skills needed to manage data and information in effective and creative ways. This passion is the energy of our morning cup of coffee.

Our success is measured in the achievements of our customers. We are proud to see how our work contributes to career growth and personal development. Our true satisfaction is knowing that each of our advice and consultations is a step closer to achieving the client's dreams. We are most proud of the fact that our work creates real value and meaning. 

We invite you to explore our world, a world where Excel and Power BI are more than just programs: they are tools that change lives.

Training & Consulting

  • Excel Training for Users at All Levels, Customizable to Your Company's Needs

  • Excel Consulting and Solutions

  • Power BI Training: From Beginner to Expert

  • Expert Power BI Consulting
  • Power BI Development and Project Maintenance

  • In-Person, Online, and Video Courses Available

  • Tailored Knowledge Testing and Needs Assessment for Customized Training


Kurss ļoti  pārdomāts. Vislabāk patika, ka bija iespēja nolādēt darba failu un skatoties video pildīt līdzi visas darbības un, ja kaut kas nebija skaidrs, var video attīt un paskatīties vēlreiz. Video skaidrojumi pārdomāti, ļoti labi saprotami iesācējam. Liels bonuss  - atbalsta personāls un atbildes uz individuālajiem jautājumiem e-pastā. Noteikti ieteiktu šo kursu citiem.

Inga Legzdiņa, Excel Online kurss


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